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Тема: Information about ContractWars hack

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    Post Information about ContractWars hack


    • System: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 WITH WINDOWS AERO(ON HOME EDITION MAY BE UNINSTALLED)
    • Browser: Yandex Browser, Firefox(x32)
    • Servers: vk.com, ok.ru, facebook.com, mail.ru, kongregate.com, armorgames


    • You can record your gameplay with FRAPS or BANDICAM, hack have overlay drawing(100% undetected)
    • 3D BOX ESP(with settings)
    • AimBot(with settings)

    Dont use this hack with other cheats.

    I am no russian, can I use this project?
    Yes. Hack works on all servers. We have English section on forum. Also you can enable English in forum settings(settings at the bottom of the page)

    What do I need to use rcl hacks?
    • Register on rcl-cheats.ru forum
    • Download RCL-Launcher updater, after updating you will see .exe with random name - its launcher
    • Activate license code in launcher

    Where I can get activation code?
    You can buy it online for PayPal. Dont share your key after after purchase(except administration if you have problems).

    How activate code?
    Run launcher, log in, select Contract Wars, press Activate Key button, past your key(like CW_xxxxxxxxxxx, no spaces in key).
    After activation you can see your remaining time(or not, if hack time forzen for update).

    How enable cheat?
    Run browser as admin, run game, when you will be in main menu - run launcher, log in, select Contract Wars, press Inject/Update/Download button.
    After injection you can close launcher. Dont close hack console until you doesnt close game!
    On left of top you will see "GO TO FULLSCREEN MODE IN GAME TO ENABLE HACK", after the transition to full screen mode you will see "RCL-CHEATS.RU".
    If after transition to full screen mode you cant see any hack overlays - reduce the resolution in game settings.
    If after transition to full screen mode you see game in windows - increase the resolution in game settings.

    Can I use RCL-Launcher on different computers?
    No, after your first login to launcher we "remember" your current PC(hardware information, HWID).
    You can change HWID on your account 1 times per mounh for free.
    To change hardware go to launcher on your new PC, press Account button, press Change Hardware button(If button disbled - last hardware activation was less than 1 month), restart launcher. If you need use hack on different computers - register two or more accounts and buy a license for each.

    Where I can read description of hack functions?

    ESP draws delayed, its normal?
    Yes. Hack have external draw methode. Delays doesnt affect to AimBot, its works with real head positions.

    I have low fps
    Try enable/disable Windows Aero.

    "File create/write error"
    In error window description you will see the file name, go to directory of this file in explorer. Close browser. If you have some antivirus - add this directory to white list. Delete "errored" file.

    Crash after injection
    Restart browser. Disable antivirus and any video record tools. Try use hack in another browser.

    "Unable to open the port"
    Close all processes of launcher and try again.

    "Unable to connect to server"
    Set correct time and timezone in windows - Link

    If you have problems with activation/hack injection - write me a personal message with your problem.
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    How to


    1) Run game
    2) Run bandicam, wait loading
    3) Select "Gaming mode"
    4) Inject hack
    5) Enjoy!

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    If you have problems with authorization in launcher:
    1) Disable antivirus and firewall
    2) Set correct time and timezone in windows - Link
    3) Сlose all the launcher copies

    If you have problems with activation key in launcher:
    1) Key seen like 'CW_xxxxxxxxxxx', no any spaces!

    If you have problems with injection:
    Disable antvirus and firewall.
    2) Move launcher .exe to C:\Launcher folder and set administrative rights to .exe file.
    4) Disable windows defender - Link
    5) Disable windows DEP - Link
    6) Reboot PC.

    7) Use portable version of browser Firefox as admin(and close any copies of another browsers before hack injection) - Firefox Portable

    "I have low fps":

    Enable Windows Aero.
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